Susan Hollyman
Susan has been active providing advisory services in marketing, recruiting and communications for the food industry. She has held a number of management positions.


Edith Jansen
Edith has been international active as a successful entrepreneur. She has extensive experience in the food business, being active in International Marketing & Sales, Purchase, and Corporate Advisory and Consulting.


Axel Bott
Axel Bott has extensive experience in Finance, Marketing and Product management, having worked for more than 35 years in these fields. You can say he is a highly experienced old warhorse.


Willem de Vos, Private Investor
Willem de Vos is investor, co-founder and board member of a broad portfolio of companies, among others in the food and retail business.


Patrick Loppé, Advisor online and mobile market
Patrick Loppé has a wide experience in online and mobile businesses. He has been working as a manager in this field at Telegraaf Media Nederland Group for eight years.